Solved: VMPlayer & Nat & Subnets

This is my third day of fighting agains machines, is there Skynet out there ?

I had to fix my Windows 7 winsock by following this post.
netsh winsock reset catalog
netsh int ip reset reset.log hit

Unfortunately that wasn’t enought to solve the problem, Windows 7 was assigning 169.254.X to my network interfaces, fisical and virtual too. I had to reinstall VMPlayer and VirtualBox to get a valid 192.168.X.X address for my virtual machines.
After the reinstallation the guest operating systems have a “valid” IP address but in a completely different subnet than before. I have a lot of configuration pointing directly to that machines so… I need the OLD addresses.

Install the Virtual Network Editor coming with VMPlayer (but not installed automatically check this post).
Edit the VMnet8 interface and change the subnet to your needs. Mine was and restart your virtual OS.

Note: Changing the IP address from Windows Networks Cards dosen’t work. You must change the configuration from vmnetcfg.exe ( this is the application file name)

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  1. ANY true VPN uses encryption, we need more details to help much here. As for wireless encryption, you need to log into the router on your browser as described in the manual and go to wireless security and set the key there.

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